Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Living with Terror - Jeanne Cavelos

Jeanne Cavelos's article Living with Terror argues that 9/11 produced a new and immediate fear that have left Americans suffering with Post Tramatic Stress Disorder and the series '24' provides a perfect treatment programme. 9/11 opened the United States eyes to the hatred towards them and erased their illusion of invunerability and showed that some disasters cannot be averted. September 11th created an anger in many as they felt a loss of control and Cavelos argues that Jack Bauer allows people to take control of the situation and so fills this void helplessness. More importantly it provides America with an alternative scenerio to 9/11 and gives an insight into what could have been. Cavelos also contributes to the torture debate stating that viewers do not believe everything the show depicts is real and so fits perfectly within my FYP. It is important to note that my interest does not lie in whether or not it is right to use coercive methods of interrogation, but what it tells us about the fear America posesses since the attacks of 9/11 and the insecurities of many liberal societies all over the globe.

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