Friday, 12 November 2010

Keywords for my FYP

As I have previously discussed, my FYP topic is centered around the beer industry and beer consumption within the USA. The two keywords that carry the most weight when related to my topic are: Community and Corporation. Coincidentally, this is a fortunate use of alliteration.

Community, whilst not immediately an obvious choice proves to be useful when discussing the "Craft Brewing Renaissance", in that various breweries are not interested in competing with one another, but whose only goal is to enlighten their immediate population with a localised product. This would be a product that maintains a local character, and is specifically marketed towards the immediate consumer.

As an inverse, Corporation applies to the other end of the "Brewing Spectrum" if you will, by being solely driven by the profit incentive, and monopolisation. However, there is a general consensus that the corporation is evil and is therefore demonised by the public, in that the individuals values are at risk. This is not necessarily true within the brewing industry as it has become apparent that whilst many independent businesses are becoming part of the Corporatus- or body of a corporation, values remain intact, but the benefits of a wider consumer base are now open to consumers.

I will also briefly speak about Capitalism in relation to Craft Brewing, however though not in as much detail as the previously mentioned keywords.


  1. I find the concepts of Community and Corporatism within the American beer industry interesting.
    The idea of small comunity led breweries producing products aimed specifically at their local populace is a facinating one as the potential exists of wide diversity in flavour etc within beers from neighbouring comunities. It would be interesting to know how they compare in cost both to manufacture and sell, in comparison to larger corporations with more buying power and cheaper manufacturing costs, but that also produce very similar product to the next corporation and the next and so on.

  2. Are they focusing on the community they are in before expanding gradually to be able to have the full understanding of what the nation likes before expanding. This way they have the fullest and more comprehensive review of what people like and dislike, which ends up saving profits down the line.
    Also focusing on the local community, it is two fold for them, as not only do they have local people to employ, they also have the community buying their beer because they are providing jobs to the community .


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