Thursday, 18 November 2010

The Beauty Myth in relation to keywords.

The first keyword I am going to use with my FYP is 'Globalization' by Lisa Lowe, Globalization in regards to Lowes definition is important when looking at The Beauty myth because the reason this 'myth' has become so successful and big is because of its domination ,not only in America but Globally.
As Lowe writes, globalization is a form of 'cultural imperialism [..] that has flattened national and cultural difference' This is evidently true when looking at Miss world contests for example that have helped to spread the American idea of 'perfection' and 'beauty' across many different continents.This seems typically American and similar to the spread of American fast food outlets all over the globe.

The other keyword I used was 'White' by Pamela Perry as my second chapter is on how the beauty myth affects African American women .
As she write that 'those deemed white might receive a public and psychological wage of status and privilege' When looking at successful African American women it can be argued that they themselves are whitened or choose to whiten their image in order to progress.

Looking at successful chat show host Tyra banks for example who dresses 'white' uses weaves and wigs in her hair and overall performs 'white' in order to progress,showing how African American women are also affected by the beauty myth, even more so than white women?

I have explored these further in my presentation.

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  1. I thikn the idea of a globalized beauty is interesting. it removes a national beauty culture, in favour of an artificial and somewhat irrelevent sense of beauty.

    As we discussed in the meeting, in different cultures there are different attitudes to beauty (such as the breaking of women's legs in China, William (ha ha)), and how the power and prevelence of an American ideology of beauty is more important to many.

    Also, when tlaking about Tyra Banks, it seems to me that the USA has taken a step back in terms of racial clasification as women are now attempting to "pass", and be taken as white as it appears to be the only way to be aesthetically gratified, and presented as having an overt sense of worth.


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