Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Keywords related to my FYP

The focus of my FYP is the interpretation of the Zombie text and whether its reading as a metaphor for Consumerism is the most accurate, or whether the argument that Zombies are a manifestation of Puritan American fears of the 'Other' is a more accurate analysis.

The two keyword essays that will be addressed are Carla Kaplan's Identity and Michael Warner's Secularism. These texts will be used as it is possible to argue that Zombie texts provide an interesting insight into notions of identity and self, and fear of the loss of the self is a deeply rooted puritan fear. Secularism is equally valid as the Puritans are arguably, historically, a notably secular group, with a deep distrust of anyone 'outside' of their society.

I would like members of the group to attempt to think of questions surrounding this topic, especially surrounding the notions of consumerism and notions of identity in relation to apocalyptic texts.


  1. I found from your presentation the idea of Consumerism within a zombie text highly interesting. It is clearly evident in a pack mentality, with no real ambition other than to consume. Also, the idea of a loss of self in a Puritanical sense is also valid, as a zombie is a mindless entity, with no real individuality. Arguably this could be present in a contemporary American society that is driven by image, and the breakdown of personal choices when selecting a product.

  2. Focusing on zombism within the American society is an interesting concept. Looking at what makes a person wanting to ‘fit in’ so becomes a zombie in believing that they do is ok.
    For those who buy on mass i.e. in groups, are they wanting to outdo each other ‘be better than...’ or just trying to find themselves in what and why they buy what they do.

  3. I like the idea of the Zombie as a metaphor for consumerism,which is at its strongest in America.
    The fear of the loss of self shown through the the Zombie as methis very American and ties into the very american ideal of the importance of the individual and the individual achieving the American dream.
    The puritanical element was very interesting in relation to this idea of the loss of self.
    Highly interesting idea and thought provoking presentation.


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