Tuesday, 19 October 2010

24: American Culture's Reply to 9/11

My FYP is an American Studies FYP because it deals with the way the media reflects America's response to major events, this case dealing with '24' the events of September 11th. The series 24 deals with a lot of political debate especially in regards to torture. I shall look into the claims that Jack Bauer is having a negative impact on people’s views towards how information should be extracted from terrorists, especially those on newly recruited military cadets. I will also look at the current Obama administration and how their policies have affected the final seasons of the show. Is torture acceptable if it could save hundreds, thousands or even millions of lives?

I shall focus on the political stances of the main people involved in making the show and especially the creator Joel Surnow’s personal political stance which ultimately makes a huge impact on both Bauer’s character and the series itself. Bauer represents the American public exceptionally well, as the popularity of the Bush administration declines Bauer begins to mistrust authority and breaks away from the government like many Americans do when they find out they were lied to concerning Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction and the increase in those believing in conspiracy theories concerning 9/11. However, if the American people distrust the government so much, is Jack Bauer an exception considering he works for the government?

I will also deal with how ‘24’ has impacted the Post 9/11 period and if it is responsible for the cease of terrorist attacks on the nations soil as "Since Jack Bauer has appeared on television, there has not been one terrorist attack on American soil." I will also look at the current democratic Obama administration effect on the show as it moves away from representing a republican government. I will also look into the basis that the show itself had a huge impact in the American people electing President Barack Obama as ‘24’ had already led the way with the fictional African American President, David Palmer.

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